Are you looking for where to get cheap rental houses in Nairobi?

Here is a  list of areas to get cheap rental houses in Nairobi.
Bedsitters in Githurai 45-Bedsitters in Githurai 45 range from 6,500 to 10,000. The bedsitters have an inbuilt kitchenette, birth room and toilet.

Bedsitters in Rwaka-Bedsitters in Rwaka are a bit expensive. Most of them go at ksh. 10,000
Kangemi hostels-The hostels go at a price of 4,000. They are ideal for students.
Ngara hostel-The houses are ideal for students and they go at a price of ksh. 3,500
Single rooms in Githurai 45-most single rooms in githurai  45 go at ksh. 5,000
Single rooms in  Allsopps/allsops- Most rooms in allsopps are single rooms and they go at a price of 5,000 to 6,000
South B hostel-the rooms are ideal for students and they go for 7,500 per month
SQ south c-they are many SQ available at south c at ksh. 8000 to ksh. 10,000
Kahawa west and Kahawa Wendani-most rooms available in this area are ideal for students. Rooms in kahawa go from 5,000 to 12,000.

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Kayole, Ruai, Ruiru and Kariobangi-houses available at these areas go to as cheap as ksh. 2,500 per month.

Average Transport  charges to CBD (Commercial, country bus, Ngara stage-CBD)

These costs are subject o changes as bus charges in Nairobi vary hourly

  • Githurai 45 to CBD-Ksh 60
  • Githurai 45 to CBD-Ksh 60
  • Kahawa to CBD-Ksh 60
  • KU to CBD-Ksh 70
  • Zimmerman to CBD-Ksh 60
  • Muthaiga to CBD-Ksh 30
  • Kayole to CBD-Ksh 70
  • Dandora to CBD–Ksh 70
  • BuruBuru to CBD-Ksh 70
  • Jericho to CBD-Ksh 70
  • Allsopps to CBD-Ksh 50
  • Ruai—Ksh. 80