Secondary school Teachers Salary in Kenya

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A secondary school teacher I and senior teacher I who currently earn a salary of between Sh35,910  and Sh45,880 will now get between Sh43,154 and Sh53,943.
Primary school teachers, most of them in job groups G,H and J,earn a salary of  less than secondary school teachers, the lowest paid teacher in Kenya earns Ksh 17,000 per month.
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2018 Summary of Teachers New Salary Scale and job groups for teachers  in Kenya

Civil Service Job GroupTeachers
Basic SalaryCommon AllowancesGross Salary
HATS IV19,32324,6625,0004,00028,32333,662
JGAT III24,66229,9186,0004,00034,66239,918
KGAT II31,02041,59010,0005,00046,02056,590
LGAT I35,91045,88020,0006,00061,91071,880
MSenior GAT41,59055,84020,0008,00069,59083,840
NPrincipal GAT II48,19065,29024,0008,00080,19097,290
PPrincipal GAT I77,527103,89440,00012,000129,527155,894
QSenior Principal89,748120,27040,00014,000143,748174,270
RChief Principal109,089144,92840,00016,000165,089200,928

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  1. Ang'are H Godfrey

    January 13, 2018 at 8:50 am

    This are only figures but it is not practical for house allowances are lower than what is stipulated

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